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Hub House

Posted By: Fishslayer123

Hub House - 10/19/2016 03:40 PM

I am looking at buying a hub house. Any pros/cons. How hard are they to set up alone.
Posted By: Jim Kusuda

Re: Hub House - 10/19/2016 09:56 PM

I really like the Bigfoot XL4000 Thermal. It is very easy to set up alone. Pull it out of the bag, flop it so the gray roof is up. Pop the center of the roof by grabbing the loop, then walk around and pop out the four wall hubs by pulling the loop handles. If it is windy, I screw down a corner ice anchor before setting the walls up. After it is up, I position it and install the ice anchors on the corners and the guy lines. I think it's larger size actually makes it easier to pop out the hub sections than the Vista Thermal I have.

I've had the big old Command Post and now am looking forward to using the Clam Garage for our fishing club's Kids Ice Fishing Day with the wall door open for visibility. I had the Bigfoot XL2000 which is a nice big hub shelter for the money. I don't have the new Vista Link but my Vista Thermal is a nice size for when I want a small shelter, other than my Legend XL Thermal Fish Trap.

I would suggest setting it up in the garage, out of the wind a couple of times. Then when you are out on the ice getting ready to enjoy a day ice fishing you won't be nervous or embarrassed when setting it up. People watching will be pushing the red button that says, "That was easy"
Posted By: JoeyWilley

Re: Hub House - 10/26/2016 10:09 PM

I've been a flip style hut guy for years, this year I bought a BigFoot XL4000. It seems to set up easy and quickly, I have set it up a couple times in the front yard. I'll still take my Kenai but it'll be nice to have a base camp for the family to hang out in and stay warm.
Posted By: Panfisher78

Re: Hub House - 10/27/2016 07:44 AM

I have a flip over but my main ice fishing buddy has the hub style. It fishes 3 guys pretty easy. I like both styles but personally prefer the flip over. The hubs aren't difficult to put up but once you get it set up you tend to stay put... Even when the fish aren't bitting. When you're done fishing folding it up and getting stuffed back into its bag can be sort of pain. Especially when it's cold.
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